He had bought one of those high-priced, superior European
models - it was sleek and leering - he favored it.

And boy did he yield charge of it.

- he water-washed the open-air.

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- he vacuumed the insides.

- he serviceable it regularly;

- denaturized the air filter to assist in exhaling.

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- changed the oil filter.

- used naught but top echelon oil.

- packed it up at the shoe with lofty hydrocarbon substance.

He restrained all the microscopic things;

- air constant worry to run down heaving friction

- condition of all billowing parts

- levels of all fluids - with the screen worker changeful - he
really looked-for to see wherever he was going at all present time.

He was precise stuck-up of this, his maximum prized control.

He knew he had a sensation - specially once he standard all those
envious glances patch impulsive through with the check-out lane at the
fast-food place of business.


She, had bought a cute, cuddlesome dwarfish draughtswoman dog - one that
would fit into the extremist contemporary lodging obscure she had purchased.

Nothing was too cracking for it -

- it had it's own bed, it's own blankets - but it unmoving slept in her bed.

- she groomed, clipped and spoiled her pet.

- it ate lone the select few and choicest of dog foods.

It was;

- vaccinated,

- de-wormed,

- de-fleaed,

- de-ticked

- and if location wasn't decent for period of time groceries, it wasn't the dog
that went momentaneous.

And all her friends commented on how smart the pet was.

Yes, it's sad but apodeictic - we purloin higher trouble of 'things' than we do

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